Dining 'al fresco'!

First impressions are always important. The dramatic sea views that stretch far across the Agios Stefanos Beach bay all the way to Diapontia Islands certainly captivate the most tired traveller as they arrive at the Nafsika Hotel.  Here, in one of the most unspoilt Corfu resort areas, colourful Corfiot bungalow villas cascade down to the sandy beach below. The serenity and warm Corfiot hospitality are the ideal antidote to everyday stress.

Speros may run the front of house team, ably assisted by array of colorful characters but it's mama Theodora who runs the kitchen and provides the finest Greek food you'll taste in Agios Stefanos Beach - if not the whole of Corfu!  Stamna, Moussaka & Lamb Kleftiko -- the menu is wide and it's all very, very tasty.

Because everything is cooked fresh you may have to wait when the restaurant is busy, and that alone should give you an idea of the quality of the food - so be patient, it will be worth waiting for.

We've also managed to twist Theodora's arm so you'll find her special recipe's but always remember Theodora's Greek salad at the Nafsika will always taste better than your home made variety - it's the quality of the food and it's the quality of the chef - no offence!!


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