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"What is different is the sheer warmth of the place.
A warmth that is unforced, unpretentious, and highly infectious"


The village of Agios Stefanos Beach or San Stefanos Beach (Saint Stephen) is located on the furthermost North Western point on the greenest of the Ionian islands, Corfu.    Just offshore, the four unspoilt Diapontian Islands (Othoni, Erikoussa, Mathraki and Diaplo) seem almost in touching distance.    This stunning location allows visitors to experience the dramatic moments as the sun sets behind the Diapointians and into the Adriatic Sea, the natural frontier between Greece and Italy and between day and night.

When you choose to stay at the Nafsika Hotel you’re choosing to stay in a charming, family-run hotel that enjoys a wonderful location.    But that’s not all.    It also offers up a locally renowned Greek taverna (restaurant) and a level of service that will make you feel like a member of the family in no time at all.

First off, the location - Agios Stefanos Beach.    Well, you’re literally seconds from a long, wide stretch of sandy beach that offers plenty of space for those who want to play and those who just want to lay (in the sun!).    What’s more, if you’re not busy sunning yourself to the soundtrack of the waves, you can take scenic strolls through olive clad hills to the neighbouring villages.

With a poolside bar, complete with satellite TV, you’ll be kicking back and chilling out with a cold beer or a fancy cocktail in no time at all.    In fact, it really makes choosing between the beach and the Nafsika Hotel pool a tough decision.

No description of the Nafsika Hotel would be complete without making mention of the fantastic on-site taverna.    This is home-made local Mediterranean cooking of the highest order – the true taste of authentic Greek cuisine.    Elsewhere on this site you'll find that Theodora has shared some of her favourite recipes!

And if this wasn’t enough, the friendly owners will often stage their own Greek dancing – you may even want to join in.

What's waiting for you

About the Nafsika HOTEL


Speros may run the Nafsika Hotel's front of house team, ably assisted by array of colourful characters but it's Mama Theodora who runs the kitchen and provides the finest Greek food you'll taste in Agios Stefanos Beach - if not the whole of Corfu!    Stamna, Moussaka & Lamb Kleftiko -- the menu is wide and it's all very, very tasty.     Because everything is cooked fresh you may have to wait when the restaurant is busy, and that alone should give you an idea of the quality of the food - so be patient, it will be worth waiting for.


• Reception area
• 2 outdoor dining areas
• Outdoor waiter served breakfast area
• A la carte restaurant (Greek/Mediterranean cuisine)
• Swimming pool with a spacious garden area, sun chairs and umbrellas
• Outdoor pool bar & snack bar
• Billiards pool table
• Satellite TV lounge area
• Safe deposit boxes

Bar One

Bar One is a popular stop for the Nafsika Hotel's guests and visitors to Agios Stefanos alike. Its fully stocked shelves and friendly staff will make you feel at home.    They'll mix you a cocktail, find a fruit juice or supply you with a snack to enjoy.     With seating both sides of the bar you can enjoy a sea view or keep an eye on the kids as they play in pool.    During the day it provides shade for those seeking a refuge from the mid-day heat - in the evening it provides a centre for entertainment, or a quiet chat with friends.

Theodora's home cooked food

The Nafsika Hotel’s main restaurant (we call it a taverna!) is open to everyone and offers a simple waiter served continental breakfast, meals of various Greek dishes and snacks as well as local, Mediterranean and international dishes for dinner.    Enjoy your dinner with the cool breeze of the Ionian Sea and clap along to the impromptu Greek dancing by Speros and the team.    Discover the gastronomic delights of Corfu and Greece created by Speros' mum, Theodora and her team.    That, together with the views over the gardens and the pool, will turn every dinner into a truly unforgettable experience - and we haven't even mentioned the sunsets yet!

Three times a week you'll be able to experience the Nafsika Hotel's famous thematic evenings, one based on local Corfiot/Greek cuisine, one on Mediterranean dishes and flavors and one on fish and seafood - this is artisan cooking at its best!   

You'll always find something for all dietary preferences and nationalities.

Theodora's recipes

Meet your hosts



The Manager



Runs the kitchen



The Founder

The legend of Nafsika

Visitors have frequently asked where the name of the Nafsika Hotel came from and hopefully the following short passage, which has been adapted from Homer‘s epic poem The Odyssey, will provide some guidance on the matter.

Three thousand years ago King Odysseus was shipwrecked on the island of Corfu.    He lost his ship and crew, but he survived, and was washed up on this very beach.   He came round covered in sea-salt and not much else, to hear the cries of the beautiful Princess Nafsika’s maids playing ‘catch’.

Odysseus 'tore down the bough of a tree', no mere twig, to cover his manhood, and advanced on the girls ‘with eyes blazing like a mountain lion’. Not surprisingly, they all fled except for Nafsika who gave him a tunic, a cloak, food and drink and a bath in the river – though not necessarily in that order.

Nafsika took Odysseus to her father’s palace where he stayed for many days.   History does not relate what took place between the two.   Suffice to say that Odysseus, who was married with two children back home, had lost his memory and forgotten all about them.

All this could have been avoided had the Hotel Nafsika in Agios Stefanos had been built three thousand years ago!


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